• New Recording is Complete

    The band recently finished up the recording, mixing and mastering of their latest studio release "Attrition."    Release date is still to be determined, but check out the band's discography for track listing.

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  • Fat Track Studio

    Perspective X IV was recently in the studio finishing up their upcoming release "Attrition."  The band once again worked with engineer Rob Nadler at Fat Track Studio.
    If you are looking for a place to record your next project, check out Fat Track Studio!

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  • Attrition

    [uh-trish-uh n]

    1) constant wearing down to weaken or destroy
    the act of wearing away or the state of being worn away
    3) Perspective XIV album completed in 2015

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About Perspective XIV

In the summer of 1998, three long time friends from Middletown, Ohio set out to perpetuate a musical style pioneered by such bands as Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, and other progressive rock artists.

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War of Attrition

  • New Website

Our new website is live!  We hope you like the new layout.
With this new format we plan to update the site more often.
Continue to check back for more changes and information.

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